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Raspberry Pi 4 – Just a perfect bridge between the gap

Raspberry Pi 4 – Just a perfect bridge between the gap
As we mentioned about the future possibility on raspberry pi as it happen to be in increase of RAM and processor speed.

But, the plan is not just about stopping there, Raspberry Pi 4 is just the perfect bridge between simple electronics to the future AI.

yes, Arduino is slowly replaced by raspberry pi zero due to the fact that python plays a significant role as a library source.

Also internet capability is a feather touch on it.

Python – a language plays out DRY(Don’t Repeat Yourself) concept well.

Thus, raspberry pi replaces Arduino in performance and industrial usage.

On contrast, Raspberry pi on its own secured its place in a strong way of using it as bare-metal programming hardware.

Since, Raspberry pi is debian based – a large open source community needs a hardware compatible to test their extreme limit.

But, The variant of 1,2,4 GB RAM in raspberry pi provides a new wave of opportunity.

The World of Data is under the pump and AI getting started to show-case the next big evolution.

In that stream of devices – raspberry pi is just another one. Jetson Nano, Coral TPU and now Raspberry pi 4.

With 4GB RAM and improved processing speed will open doors on entertainment medium too.

Something like Android TV is being build on Raspberry pi.

You all know the power of Android and Windows ARM on Raspberry pi.

Even Amazon quad-copter can also be build using rpi4

Lets wait for the future of stream of Opensource Hardware.

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