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Raspberry Pi 4 -Getting started headless (Without Monitor and Keyboard) setup through ssh

Raspberry Pi 4 -Getting started headless (Without Monitor and Keyboard) setup through ssh
The Notable Changes in raspberry pi 4 are dual display,RAM variant, C-type power supply, 3.0 USB and also few minor adjustments on OS level.

Fine, the things we need for setting up raspberry pi

  • c-type charger or else converter
  • micro to macro hdmi converter

But, for setting up headless we require only c-type charger. Lets begin the work.

Take a sd card of minimum  8 gb (recommended 16gb minimum)
Download raspbian buster OS from site  and extract it. -

Also have etcher sd card burner, find it here

Open etcher, select the extracted file

now the job is half done after the flash is completed.

Important to create a file called ssh (empty file without an extension). Create it in your desktop or anyother directory.

Now copy ssh file into sd card. Please don't create it inside sd card as it can be a read only type sometimes.

If you wish to connect with wifi rather than ethernet then you need to create another file
wpa_supplicant.conf and paste the below code inside.

ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev

Now, 75% of work done.

let's get our pi on, check your localhost router and hope for raspberry pi ip,

In my case i got this ip, you will get something of your local host series.

Now, if you using windows you need putty -> find here

or else you can also try modxterm

Connecting in ubuntu looks far more simple as ssh can be done via terminal.

Simple - ssh [email protected] (choose your ip)

Now, lets update and upgrade to reduce temperature.

Download using wget via terminal or using rdp in raspberry pi

$ unzip $ chmod a+x vl805 $ sudo ./vl805 -w vl805_fw_0137a8.bin $ sudo reboot

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