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Organ - 3D printing - the next iteration of human culture

Organ - 3D printing - the next iteration of human culture
We all live inside a technological edge where every minute some life changing things happen. New technologies born every day and tech market are under serious scanner.

Business Life Cycle in the tech field becoming lesser in the passing days. The money value of a product is just getting below in seconds.

But, all these are just not a human need. What we are making is just the exponential growth of maths and science.

Now, we are growing tissues and making hearts out of the 3-D printers. This might look weird but technology out here making a game on us.

Scientists bio-printed skin and bone samples upside down to help determine if the method could be used in a low-gravity environment.ESA released videos of the printing in action.

This experiment is done for the Mars project where gravity goes for a toss and they succeeded.

The skin sample was printed using human blood plasma as a "bio-ink." The researchers added a plant and algae-based materials to increase the viscosity so it wouldn't just fly everywhere in low gravity.

Let's have a look at both the video, skin, and bone.

These technologies are high end and an ambitious project of the European Aerospace Agency. But, in direct questioning of Why should this project is for Mars rather than for the people of Earth.

Here comes a Business cycle behind this, Earth needs money to improve technology - a Man from rural can't get 3D printed organs is a viable story everyone can spread.

In reality, scientists marked about 10 years from now to reach people to get on 3d printed organs.

Is the availability of technology becoming an issue? definitely yes.

The math behind science improves technology and helps researchers march towards a new probability of feasible solution but the math inside business making it available to a certain level called market-based solution.

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