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How to Recover Files from an Inaccessible hard Drive

How to Recover Files from an Inaccessible hard Drive

Inaccessible Hard Drive? Know What to Do 
It can be scary to have an inaccessible hard drive. Losing access to all the documents, pictures, and other things is a disaster nobody desires. If any issue occurring in such hard drives could lead to inaccessibility of the data. These inaccessibility in hard drive is often supported by various error messages. One of the most common error messages which you receive is “Hard Drive is not accessible or Access is denied“. 
It is recommended that you always have a backup for all your files in another drive, or cloud because it is always the easiest and guaranteed way to keep it safe. An inaccessible hard drive may show the following symptoms: 
  • Unable to access any of the files in the storage. 
  • Computer stops working all of a sudden and reboots. 
  • Computer keeps rebooting continuously. 
There can be a few reasons for your hard drive to become inaccessible. Let us understand them first before examining possible solutions for inaccessible hard drive recovery. 
Reasons for Inaccessible Hard Drive 
1. Faulty Manufacturing 
Although not the most common problem, this occurs when there is a manufacturing defect. This problem will appear from the beginning. The hard disk or the entire computer can be replaced by the manufacturer within the warranty period. In most cases, computers are tested before shipping to markets, but in rare cases, there may still be a defective drive. 
2. Overheating 
There is a lot of physical activity happening inside the CPU and the hard drive that causes friction and heating. This is why CPUs or laptops should always be placed in well-ventilated areas. Not placing the machine in a ventilated location may cause overheating and component failure, mainly hard drive failure. 
Using laptops on soft surfaces without ventilation on its lower side is also a common cause for overheating. This is because almost everything except the display is located on the lower arm, including the battery and the hard drive, which are prone to heating. 
3. Physical Damage 
It is always a bad thing to drop your laptop or CPU or cause some sort of physical damage to it. This causes cracking or chipping of the components of the hard drive, which may render it inaccessible. It is a common kind of hardware damage. Hardware or mechanical damage can be of any of the following types: 
  • PCB damage/cracking. 
  • Spindle motor damage/stopped rotating. 
  • Wiring damage. 
  • Damage to heads. 
  • Bad sectors. 
Mechanical damage in a hard drive can be sensed by listening carefully for any sort of noises such as grinding or unusual clicking noises. If any kind of mechanical damage is observed, it is advised not to use the computer further as the damage may worsen with every attempt to use the computer. 
4. Software Issues/Data Corruption 
Even without any sign of physical damage, the drive may become inaccessible due to the data becoming corrupt. This is purely a software problem and can happen due to any of the following factors:  
  • Virus infection: Can be caused due to installing of malware or suspicious software or visiting websites that are not secure. 
  • Abrupt shutdown/ejection: Shutting down the computer without proper command or due to power failure, or sudden removal of the hard drive (external) can also cause data corruption. 
  • Malfunctioning antivirus software can also lock you out of your storage. 
In addition to above reasons, data can also become inaccessible due to errors such as incorrect modifications of system settings, like deletion of certain system files or moving/modification of the same, installation of a defective Operating System or in a wrong manner. These are common reasons for a hard drive failure. Precaution is always better than cure, hence it is advised to look out for or avoid making the above-mentioned mistakes while using a computer. 
How to Recover Data from Inaccessible hard drive? 
Having an inaccessible hard drive can be frustrating, and in many cases, the seemingly lost data can be recovered by proper solutions. However, a common solution does not solve all types of hard drive problems to allow file recovery. This is why expert service is recommended for data recovery from inaccessible drives.  
Trained and experienced experts can locate the exact issue with precision and can recover data from an inaccessible hard drive. There can be many companies providing data recovery solutions. Among them, Stellar is one of the most trusted names in data recovery of all kinds. The key features that make Stellar one of the best choice for hard drive recovery are as follows: 
  1. Vast experience of 25 years and served over 3 million customers. 
  1. High success rates in data recovery from all storage types. 
  1. 100% data security guaranteed 

The most important lesson to be learnt is that to always back up your data elsewhere and prevent the device from overheating or undesired shocks. Keep an eye for all the above-mentioned reasons for failure. However, unfortunately, if you do have an inaccessible drive, do not panic and approach Stellar for recovering your data. Stellar Data Recovery is one of the pioneers to introduce data recovery services in India. Recently, with completion of 25 years in existence. It has been able to satisfy 3 million+ customers with its 100% safe and confidential data recovery services. Not only that, Class 100 clean rooms, in-house development of advanced technologies and software and a team of 100+ R & D engineers is what makes its services stand out from the rest. 

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