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How KENT CamEye Can Offer Better Security

How KENT CamEye Can Offer Better Security
This is a Guest Post:

Election in India is a big event when people vote to elect a new government for the next five years. With elections, come the stress on the government to protect the vehicles that carry the electronic voting machines (EVMs) and voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPATs) equipment. The Government takes all the measures to prevent misplacement of the vehicles and one of them is through GPS tracking systems.   
It has majorly seen and reported about the missing incidents of EVMs and most of the times the polling personnel were careless and did not follow the standard operating procedure.  
The need of In-vehicle security system has risen and time has come when we need to enhance our GPS trackers to more concrete security system. 
 In lieu of this a leading RO manufacturing company launched a vehicle security device called KENT CamEye. KENT CamEye is a one of its kind vehicle security device with dual cameras to record everything that happens in and around the car. It is designed and engineered in India, keeping in mind the security needs of Indian consumers. 
KENT CamEye allows live video streaming of either camera, from anywhere in the world. It is a next-generation car security system that ensures the safety of your loved ones and the security of your vehicle. It also acts as a vehicle tracker and helps the user to track the real-time GPS location of the car and plays back the route travelled by car on a map.  KENT CamEye employs next-gen technological advancements, yet the working is extremely simple for anybody to understand. It’s a dash-cam-cum-GPS Tracker, which is easy to install and starts recording the video once the car starts moving. 
KENT CamEye is enabled with GPS mapping, that allows real-time location tracking of the vehicle and some devices even record it in its memory that can provide you with a history of where your car has been and when it was there. 
  • Live Video- Audio Streaming 
The device records everything that happens inside or outside of the car when in motion or parked. It has an inbuilt microphone and speaker, that lets the user talk to car occupants through 2-way calling feature. The call can be made through the app, and you can talk to your family via the device.  
  • Audio-video Recording on Cloud 
The devices offer the user an option to record both views of the car when the car is in motion and upload on secured Cloud storage on a real-time basis via 4G connectivity. The device comes with a pre-installed SIM card. 
  • GPS Tracking with Route Playback The device offers real-time location tracking of the vehicle along with an option to play back the route travelled by the car on a map. 
  • Alerts on Phone Alerts on user’s phone whenever car overspeeds, AC is on while car is parked, loud music is played in car, unknown driver is behind the wheels and many more, that ensures a safe commute for your family members. The other alerts that are sent to users are, place of interest alert, geo-fencing alert, engine idle and much more.  
  • On-Board Memory and Robust Battery The device keeps a backup of your trip in cases of no internet connectivity, recording on the internal memory and upload to Cloud once the connectivity is restored. It has a battery backup that allows 24 hours operation even when the car is parked.  
  • Do it Yourself (DIY) Installation It is an easy installation for the Plug & Play device, which gets powered through the 12V car socket (Non-OBD device) and doesn’t interfere with the original electrical wiring or vehicle's OBD port. 
KENT CamEye features face recognition and matching and it can notify the car owner if an unknown person is driving their car. Along with that, it can detect if the driver is sleeping in the car with the air conditioning turned on. The camera is equipped with a location-positioning sensor as well as an accelerometer and has a 3,000 mAh battery with an inbuilt memory of 8GB. The device is equipped with 720p cameras with infra-red night vision. KENT CamEye is compatible with all cars and trucks and is powered by 4G connectivity; it also tracks the real-time GPS location of a car. The dash camera can be synced to the user's smartphone transfer data via a smartphone application. The application is available for both iOS and Android operating systems.  KENT CamEye Car is currently available at a launch price of INR 17,999 along with a three-month free subscription. An annual subscription charge of Rs 6,000 will be charged after free subscription towards the Cloud services and SIM cost. To book the demo, please share your contact details at [email protected] or call us at 9582612345.  

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