Google's Sr.Engineer express Security on Privacy and Biasing inside Big Tech Companies

What We think is not happening - because we lack certain dimensional work of others in certain prospect.

Here comes a person, Coppola Sr.Engineer in Google from last five years and working on Google Assistant and Google Home.

He largely expressed how the work culture getting biased on political issues and also biased news styles from top industries.

He noted that there are certain questions being not answered properly on Sundar Pitchai's answer towards biasing of news.

But, being an insider he expressed that people's data privacy has been taken care a lot better than what we doubt on google.

It is just not in US, Even in India, Politcal Parties tie up with big tech companies like Facebook,Microsoft and Google in the latest election could be a controversial one.

Times Group bought Cricbuzz and now they become biased towards Virat kohli, MS Dhoni, Ravi shastri being not largely critisized.

Many News Channels in public domain being biased for Electoral suggestions.

Coppola has openly made it right as, "We are in a situation to decide whether we rule tech or it rule us. "
Watch Full Interview here,

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