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Google aids Automated Writing Project

Google aids Automated Writing Project

This news is officially made by BBC as it reported - The Press Association (PA) news agency in received £622,000 for its Reporters and Data and Robots (Radar) scheme.

Radar Scheme also benefit opensource writers and bloggers to get detailed report.Even though the automated system writes story it needs human skill to establish deep rooted concepts as expressed by one of the PA members.

Google News Initiative provide funds of about £295,000 to make it happen.But the core idea generator and their group where not under the scheme of things as BBC proposed on it.

Here is the work of idea generator -

Dr.Neilthurman and their group experimented the project and produced the reports on it.

Even though the idea is to generate stories, but the basic proportion is to get data into journalism.

Yes, weather prediction using machine learning - earth quake related summary generator is a feasible way to make it work.

Google funding is positioned to the amount of data it has around the globe to make stories on every part of the world.

Hope! it makes world better.

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