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Youtube starts restrictions under Guidelines of Posting a Content

Youtube starts restrictions under Guidelines of Posting a Content

YouTube - a open source video community driven by creators, especially used to promote a content whether a song,tutorial,movie,news or products.

But now the openess will be restricted as it as marketing threat over any group is highly rising and to tackle it Google updated the Community Guidelines as a justitication for descrimination against people on their age, gender, race, religion, caste, sexual orientation or veteran status.

This step results in removal of all videos promoting Nazism and other discriminatory ideas across YouTube.

In the recently concluded elections of India, where YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Marketing has taken part in some numbers and also there are number of channels promoting inflicting content and creating choas among the common people.

And also there is recent down-time marked on YouTube on the northern american region which might also be a threat resolvation.

In this prospect, YouTube - a Google Product has been under scanner regarding how to people started to lose trust of it.

As fakers and advertising has taken a toll on YouTube's creative culture.In fact whole of Internet too is in their hands and becoming unpredictable in regard to the value of work.

For example, Check your Trending in YouTube which might be a news,trailers or non-value commercial ads.

These are the main reason for the take down by Google on restriction.Hope the Open minded and many value based contents being created in YouTube in the future prospect of Internet World.

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