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World's First Raspberry Harvester - Age of Robotics on Farming begins

World's First Raspberry Harvester - Age of Robotics on Farming begins
We could see the days are not longer as Machines taking over jobs of human or it can also be expressed as Human Intelligence on making a machine work for us keeps improving.

The reminder of about 40 millions jobs could be replaced with machines inside 2030 would be an optimizable feature in human life.

Agriculture have seen huge machines taking place inside field but the fact remains it needs better human brainy things to do the work.

But, in UK a robot harvest 25,000 raspberries per day compared to human who can count upto 15000/eight hours according to Fieldwork Robotics as reported by The Guardian.

The Efficiency look below par than human but since it could run 20 hrs a day is something to cheer about.

The robot plucks the fruit with its gripping arm and gingerly deposits it into a waiting punnet. The whole process takes about a minute for a single berry.

Since Seasonal workers in England have been reduced in number with respect to wages and also the problem Brexit is leading them to invest in robotics.

The investments looks really gracefull and effective.the robot is guided by sensors and 3D cameras, its gripper zooms in on ripe fruit using machine learning, a form of artificial intelligence. When operating at full tilt, its developers say the robot’s gripper picks a raspberry in 10 seconds or less and drops it in a tray as reported on the Guardian technically.

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