Amazon Prime Air - Drone based Delivery coming in few months

We all know Amazon has been working on the Drone project since 2013, the idea is to create a drone-based delivery system for its products.

In Las Vegas, a presentation under the category of Robotics and Space Conference where Jeff Wilke - head of Amazon's Consumer Business spoke on their implementation of Drone for delivery at the range of 15miles as reported by Financial Times, weighing about 5 pounds(2.26 kg) will be dropped under 30 minutes.

Actually, this idea changes the next phase of Amazon as 75% of goods under 5 pounds which are on sale under the company. Thus, the feasibility check does a huge gain for the brand.

Even though, the idea will not feature directly to customer end, at least between amazon hub would be highly possible.

Let's take a look at their Amazon air prime drone video here,

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