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Time for Linux - From Microsoft to Indian Schools

Time for Linux - From Microsoft to Indian Schools

This year 2019 is really filled with many surprises in the context of the OS market. Yes, Microsoft's Windows and Apple's Mac OS has been really started to getting into Linux of systems.

It is obvious that Mac wouldn't want to take it inside but Microsoft has shown great signs of making an OS from Linux.

In the recently concluded conference BUILD 2019 - they showcased the idea of Linux kernel for Windows which is so much unexpected as Microsoft largely against these open source.

WSL2 - a high featured Linux on Windows OS makes an option towards developers to use Windows. They also promised to use the Linux Kernel for windows, the obvious reason is being Microsoft's idea of Windows Everywhere through the Linux Kernel because Unix kernel doesn't get into a variety of devices as it lacks developers. Hence, Microsoft loves to take Linux to full fill their dream of Windows across all devices like smartphone, desktop, watch, etc.

This idea looks bright as Windows on ARM is becoming a talking point here. With the market of ARM against x86 is started to reach new high Microsoft trying to reap in this move.

Linux also has been talking point on bare metal programming which is getting hyped every year.

On the other side, many countries started to use Linux operating systems in schools and colleges as in India - Kerala, and Tamilnadu making it go from the ground level.

To be on the face it saved them around 428 million dollars, It is not anymore surprising as Kerala ranked 100% literacy rate and Tamilnadu ranks in high efficient education style and approach.

The idea of Kerala state government is to make IT classes mandatory and also trying to be open source hence work can be shared easily without any legal issue.

The nearly converted the Windows systems to Linux of about 85% in schools and colleges where most importantly staff members are becoming used to it.

With the power of Linux or Open source community is both free and cost effective to a government is something to cheer about.

For Tamilnadu, its a transition of employees and students from Microsoft XP to Linux especially the free Laptop's by the government of Tamilnadu have both Windows and Linux OS which started to go for Linux more to be effective.

let's see the complete finding of Linux

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