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Scientists found a new desalination path to pure water

Scientists found a new desalination path to pure water
Global warming, factories make water salinated and we are in the urge of taking Politics over water management.

Even Future life existence has been questioned based on water and its impact on life. Many Highly educated Politicians talking about Desalination Plant for a large population without knowing the feasibility test over it.

But, here comes a solution - scientist found a way to make water desalinated to 98.4% which is considered to be a highly respectable standard in the current scenario and also a featured process named TSSE(Temperature Swing Solvent Extraction).

The process looks pretty scalable and also easy understanding technology around simple science.

Let's see the findings in the following,

But unlike reverse osmosis or other methods of desalination, this process doesn't require high temperatures or high pressures -- just a low-grade heat of less than 70 C (158 F).

This looks far more effective in changing our technology over desalination. This process is done with water from industries which are obviously far more danger than groundwater.

If you are interested in reading the technical part of it find here

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