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If a service is free, then consumers are the product cost

If a service is free, then consumers are the product cost
Admit it, we are not born with anything - but today we are under immense pressure if a mail, message, phone call or even without an electronic device.

Social Media is the new weapon of making things out direct and indirect. Yes, if we have been rejected 20 years back we try to make ourselves better for next opportunity but today we are trolling the standard.

Aren't we losing humanity and natural emotions? Definitely, the Nature of Human is largely changing with respect to the kind of information we possess.

A trend of non-worthy things are becoming the order of the day - mentally we are getting screwed to make ourselves abnormal.

Generally abnormal is a word for a patient but, to be frank, it is just a percentage game of more people support something will eventually turn out to be right at some level of people supporting it.

Here comes the weapon of the modern age, Social media, and its people - a new era of patients

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