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Google Arts and Culture gives us a short Poem for keywords

Google Arts and Culture gives us a short Poem for keywords
The days are not far from becoming something super intelligence into our life.

Definitely Human brains are always ultimate as we can perceive and create a reality and emotions which might not even be a real one.

But, Machine Learning algorithm trying hard to mimic it out is something different in approach. What we have seen is we need to understand of human to do it. Google's AI have tried to do such a thing.

To be honest it is not the best version but something to look forward. Giving Intelligence to programs and machines have been real taste of making it work for us. Since Controlling Human is tougher than controlling machines.

Here comes Google experiment on writing poem with an algorithm prepared based on the 19th century poems. -just Look into it to create a short AI generated Poem that might miss biggest emotions on 90% of times but looks better at times.

we have tried with key word "World" and got a snap like this.

Hope you give a try and make it more to learn.Interested to see how it would behave after years into this experiment.

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