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Bolawrap - can also be a safety measure for woman with updation

Bolawrap - can also be a safety measure for woman with updation
Today, we are trying to showcase something simple but a master mind behind many tech companies. Largely, everyone likes and read about top tech giants in all kinds of industries. But, there are people behind it who we never think about.

Its like a perception or a value of trust we put behind a brand. Do you know? Apple SSD drives are not made by them, infact not even designed by their Engineers.

Yes, It has been invented by Elwood Norris, he has official around 80 patents and those are related to acoustic and electrical branch.

The things he has come up with has been very strange but a common myth of human life is behind his standard of bars for his inventor capabilities.

He explained that most of his ideas are taken out from various stories and life of ancient people, as he look to work on betterment of those things with respect to current lifestyle.

Here, we are going to see his Bolawrap, an interesting old craft that has been modernised with actuation of its working.

What is Bolawrap?

Bolawrap is a device much similar to working of a gun but rather than a bullet to hit out - a thread with hooks will bombarded out to take on the suspects, used to catch them without injuring.

Obviously, he has taken the idea from bola which is used to hunt birds and ostriches in olden days.

But, the idea has been great with actuation of it with a bullet as it wraping the people much similar to a batman like style without hurting people.

The main idea of the post here is we need a updated system of this, as in India, woman safety is becoming a major issue so we need a system of much similar one to arrest the mentally retarded people or who are taking on woman or even chasing them. We need a system that can arrest them and also alert the police by sending any information to them when it is used.

Currently the system is limited to usage by police but, as it can be more useful for common people usage also helpful for trekking.

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