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Live Cricket Score in Terminal,Jupyter Notebook (Ubuntu,Windows,Colab)

Live Cricket Score in Terminal,Jupyter Notebook (Ubuntu,Windows,Colab)
Most probably this idea is more fun than anything else.

The exploitation of how i get into this idea is pretty simple. As trying to be a data analyst choosing cricket analysis for demonstration.

Used python webscraping to get data out of the cricket website, there came a feature of viewing cricket score in terminal(Command Prompt).

Doing a kind of this is easy.Just Two commands.

sudo pip install cricket-cli - this lets you install the cricket python library and access cricket scores in the terminal.

To view live scores - type cricket scores 

These two commands will make our days, but why we are here?

Google's Colab - We think it is just for data science or project of python only. But Colab offers manythings much similar to ubuntu.

It is a system where we can use python and bash commands. We are going to run the above commands on colab and check out the result.

Colab Jupyter Notebook - considered to be a python environment will be able to run the terminal commands.

This proves that python anywhere is filled the computer science and hard to live without python.

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