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A Programming Language for Human

A Programming Language for Human
Today, the term technology can be called as freak. But, interestingly a programming language becoming more for life is always special.

Programming Languages - a simple build blocks of logic interacts between human and machine over the predefined scope.To be precise, all programming languages are pretty much similar in many ways.

The Difference is availability of library files, in other way, the resource that works for most problems in a simple and easy way that we do by just importing the pre-processed library. This feature is the so-called re-usability.

In such a way, Python reaches a new stage - we might have heard of it being called as 'DRY' -'Don't Repeat Yourself' for the sake of automating power it has.

Python is made re-purposed over various fields from Information technology to Robotics but, it is once again proved me that its about the logic than a language.

Yes, Python being used in image capturing techniques used for creating black hole image. As a logic builder we might never get excited as this can also be done through other programming languages but as a techie - we feel as if python has just raised the bar above others.

Any language whether its for computer or human, we choose something that can be used easily or that has a wide scope of thought(logic) pre-build.

Hence, Finding a git-hub library for Black Hole image processing can be termed as life becoming more pythonic.


To know usage of python - Find here


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    1. you could get into c++ because it all about logic of what you are going to build and also many companies backing it up.But python is in different level. If you are looking cover up whole a lot in computer science, then you could use python. C++ for work but python for rest of your life.


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