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What made Artificial Intelligence to get Demand

What made Artificial Intelligence to get Demand

"Necessity is the mother of invention"

The Intelligence of the human varies drastically as the chemical composition of the human body also remains constant to change.

Just look at the life cycle of human, Born - get into school, clears exams, get into College or any medium of being educated after that he will work being a ruler or follower.

In some cases, you are an employee or Founder of an organisation. But, the fact remains you have to for a particular period of time in a day.

 " People waste half part of life to know how to waste the remaining part of life"

As the competition among top organization grows, the performance of every follower(employee) gets monitored with data.

Generally, Man just filled with Hormones will execute to the level of its effect. As hormones have both negative and positive effect, eventually make you go inconsistent with human nature.

"Education - Innovation Distinguishes Ruler and Follower"

Artificial Intelligence is not new to trends in innovation, as we accepted laziness and use machines, thus Rules opted to build more efficient machines making way for Artificial Intelligence.

Education systems provide imbalance to be effective in making all brilliance as the nature of Human takes more into it.

Rulers earn bigger money by using followers(employee) hence, they replaced a small number of followers to machines.

As we graph into it, the existence of followers(employee) becoming below par. Thus, we enter into Artificial Intelligence.

The Data Head of Coursera expressed, machines learning faster than human have just made up, an intelligence of governance will eventually be a machine sooner. But the result of such a thing will lead to a problem.

The pic explains with the data, education is at the quality as it too becomes more economy based as learning the time of machines increasing rapidly by the education given by the data.

There are companies who embed chips inside employee to get performance out of them, shows we are lacking the process of repetition. 

Performance of Human in doing what is required out of a particular job is well below par. The recent study on the hormonal imbalance in Human Life cycle, causing poor decision making resulting in more failures.

To conclude, the demand of artificial intelligence is not only based on one factor of poor performance of human but also how we live in this world as the life of machines starts growing to ensure our poor performance.

"Inconsistency is Human Nature, as we live on a time graph"

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