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The Wireless Technology and Data Traffic - Here comes the next big thing

The Wireless Technology and Data Traffic - Here comes the next big thing

Computer scientist Shah Joe thinks a lot about traffic of data, says that
one problem you will see is coming from the increasing demand for traffic from the increasing number of devices you are having today.

smartphones, tablets, watches- the number of wireless devices we depend on keeps on going up and up. More data traffic leads to more traffic jams.

Radio frequency is what we use today for wireless communication, another medium which is a visible light spectrum.

With support from the National Science Foundation Joe and a team at Dartmouth College are developing faster ways to encode and transmit all that data using the same kind of lighting devices we have in our home.

Their idea is to turn the lights around us into wireless transmitters, that can code data into the changes of the light by connecting a small modulation unit, any LED light can be turned into a wireless networking device.

It has much much wider bandwidth and it also more secure because light cannot penetrate the wall so can confine the communication inside the room without worrying about others in stopping the traffic.

she says it even works when light appears to be turned off it's called dark light emitter.

They are generating very short pulses from the LEDs and that are impossible to draw eyes but detectable by the sensors so they can still transmit data.

They're also building technology that uses light for behavioral sensing it allows you to interact with devices just by making gestures in the air handy as devices get smaller, can place the hands under the table end and the system can reconstruct the hand gestures in real-time lights in the ceiling could sense movements of the full-body.

so far they've tested the system has a virtual reality controller but its potential goes far beyond gaming, in fact, the infrastructure environment knows the posture of our body so this can be your input modality to those different devices so you can interact with without having any devices on the body at all.

They even build an eye tracking system senses visible light reflecting off the pupils to scroll through these photos all you have to do is look to the side one day this could be built into a pair of glasses.

the image gonna swap to the to the next one and when we look at the left-hand side again a swept back.

Joe and her team see visible light communication as a much-needed advance in wireless data transmission.

they say radio frequency just doesn't have the muscle to handle all the new computing devices coming online in the next few years even the grant challenge of providing more bandwidth choose the increasing number of devices.

we have to do catch other frequency bands to increase the capacity harnessing the power of light to make the future of wireless networking and sensing brighter.

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