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Neural Networks - How it is conceived

Neural Networks - How it is conceived
The Growth of technology is simply amazing in one corner but to compare it with nature it's very much below par.

Yes, computers do what human can't do but, computers say what human's ask.

Neural networks concept is available since the 1940s, yet to see some reality it takes 2018-19. Data age is here as a computer's brain works only on data which are just numbers.

Data Science covers a vast domain of Artificial Intelligence which is covered by Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

In this case, Neural Networks are part of Deep Learning as our brain creates deeper thoughts lets program learn by past training of data and predict.

Basically, the neuron which process information in the human brain creates a perception. In neural networks, it is called a perceptron.

In a neuron, Axon used to transmit signals, Dendrite receives signals from other neurons and the cell body process the data into information or perception.

Similarly, a perceptron has weights(priority of choosing) which transmit signals to a hidden layered function and algorithm will process it to create a perception which then back propagated to loop for ensuring accuracy.

The article contains very small content since the topic will generate more doubts, have your say to have next kind of explanation.

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