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Microsoft New Edge browser based on Chromium open source project looks like this tweak

Microsoft New Edge browser based on Chromium open source project looks like this tweak

Just a few months back Microsoft officially confirmed their plans to move towards the chromium-based default browser. 

There are a few reasons behind this move, as lately, Microsoft found chrome uses much ram in Windows OS enables the slowness of the system. Several people reported this issue and even Microsoft stopped chrome installation for a few days later opt for allowing it as users request for it.

As Edge HTML based browser has not been a game changer for Windows 10 even developers tried extensions support in the layers but can't match up to chrome browser.

The actual reason behind is the usage of protocol libraries which Google patent their upgrade on the communication of https enable google libraries to feature best against others.

Hence, now Microsoft opts for chromium based browser which obviously a smart move as Microsoft have rich extensions in store and also Azure android support for web apps would enhance in one side, the real gain or master stroke would be the version of Edge browser for Linux systems.
After acquiring Github, Microsoft really opened doors towards the open source community, targetting more data-based products than just service.
Linux sub-system support inside Windows is the glims of making the user based wider and also targetting multi-device ecosystem.
Neowin, the internal developer of Edge browser released the screenshots of the current development stage.
Reveals the web store of the windows as far as extensions are concerned, also more chrome look makes a strong case.

With this, Firefox becomes the lone warrior in the front against chrome browser.

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