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IoT in India - a reality check, slow and steady

IoT in India - a reality check, slow and steady
Internet of things - many people might find it new or just heard before a few years ago but the internet of things is available since 1990.

In the first phase of global industrialization, it is under a sector of IIoT - industrial internet of things.
Where the things are limited to PLC, DCS, beckoff computers which are connected through LAN cables for enabling remote input-output devices.

From the late 90s to the first phase of 2000s, the OPC Foundation ruled under the Microsoft organization which plays a big part in building common communication protocols between various proprietary IIoT devices.

Build OPC Foundation for helping the usage of various PLC, embedded modules under Microsoft Windows through OPC modules, which still now rated as a successful solution.

In a few years later, the introduction of unified architecture ensures robust technology which eventually faded up Microsoft's control over the industry, but still inside that hub of things.

Later as Arduino series of boards can in, just ruptured the whole scheme of things.
A light switch can be turned on and off with Arduino in support with an RF module.

Since the Crystal oscillator inside the Arduino boards makes the frequency changes faster where the longtime support is not available for some years. But as days progress, the technological improvements such as the introduction of Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, external modules like cameras for Arduino, Wi-Fi modules like ESP 8266 showed great a promises and performances.

Embedded devices growing on one side where the usage of smartphone peaked since 2012.
As Android is a flavour of Linux also most of the above mentioned embedded devices are also programmed in Linux it ensures the compatibility between them hence the birth of IoT happens in a smooth way.

Now being in 2019, in just an year in the wings to get data of 1.7mb per second per human, the need of smart cities, smart agriculture and smart lifestyle are on cards.

The combo between blockchain technology and IoT has been the talk of the town in 2018. But IoT is more of a technology that can be combined with artificial intelligence or data science to improve the quality over quantity of data.

Smartphones will eventually be powered with more iot features such as controlling home appliances with smartphones is just rising.

The Data Analytics in agriculture field to ensure proper sales with respect to the cost of production is underway.

The power station with more efficient controls, as power loss on distribution, can be minimized with more data.

Cars, bikes can become more digital dashboard configured with data analyses per usage.

Even Jio launch has a backend idea of implementing IoT controlled Home appliances.

Industry 4.o has been launched a few years back but not properly adopted as it was set back with the implementation of financial rules like GST demonetisation but will ensure future growth in adopting to industry 4.o will eventually improve the importance of IoT in India.

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