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Facebook and its family of apps are down in Global outrage

Facebook and its family of apps are down in Global outrage
Facebook users are facing problems in login, sending messages and more all over the globe in the last few hours.

While people try to access Facebook, Instagram they were given statements on temporarily unavailable or under maintenance.

The reports from outrage show major issues from facebook as numbers crossing 1250 at the moment, for live updates check out here -

As we tried to log in, it reported as Facebook will resolve the issue and will be back,

As beepingcomputer reported Facebook has confirmed they were aware of the issue and it is not an attack on DDoS but some other issues.

last update:

It appears to be an accidental BGP routing error in the European Internet Service provider to major next ISP where peers link transit breaks which are not a malicious in nature reported BeepingComputer from NETSCOUT

But the outrage issues reporting more than issues of 1300 @ 4.40 IST raises some serious questions.

update: Issue numbers are slowing down, the number reaches again below 1200 @5.14 IST with some logged in apps started working and Routing issue not the reason for downtime has been re-reported against the previous update.

update: No update from Facebook, now its 8 hrs of downtime - error of different issues, still issues numbers around 1100 @5.50 IST

update: Facebook and Instagram for all about 8 hrs now its facebook family crisis time,

Insta numbers on issues still on the hub,
update: Facebook and Instagram says it will auto post your posts sooner

update: downtime = % of devices rises to 34 for Instagram and Facebook remains @ 24 % and you can't send pics and voice messages in WhatsApp just text works fine 6.13 IST

update: Facebook gets back on track issues slowly getting reduces, it is below 950 now, but insta still under threat @7.34

Guess some one might have hacked for for fun

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