Science and Language = Information(inference with Data)

If Life is all about the process then, Human life cycle leaves a mark with data. We all know the journey of numbers and language sync across culture. But, all these are just to make us work towards improvement in efficiency.

For playing data and its science, the first step is the scaling it. Let's consider the last 200 years on the graph.

The Educational systems, the evolution of physics research and the laws for building a system got transformed into huge mechanical. But, inside of every huge military equipment or inside a bulb - one thing stands out - Science

To be precise, the numbers and language put in a logical manner after hours of testing to make sense at all possible cases.

From Mechanical systems, our turn around into Electrical systems have been more of a symphony of science, gives birth to electromechanical systems.

Electrical lifestyle is a boon making an in and out competition over mechanisms. Huge sized mechanical systems reduced into a featured one with electrical support.

Later, the action age of electronics is a boon towards playing with more data (science and language) to make a thought create its own.

A Thought into Energy- Mechanisms made with science and language

Energy into Action - These Mechanisms provide another Science and Language



Thus, Science and Language = Inference with Data

Every action of human lifestyle will provide data which can be graphed into many things like, Adamant, Logical, Emotional, Poor, Rich, Revolutionary, Saddest, Kind and even more.

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