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Do you really see Love in Everything in this World?

Technically speaker would argue on this as No. But, with respect Technology being our domain do we agree.

Yes, We are in a world of Love. Purpose of Life is Love.

Why love stands firm for decades?

I remember Simon Sinek talks about the success of people and calm reveals a secret behind them as Golden Circle.

He technically proved what love can be and what the world stands for is just a purpose.

There are a lot of business models that help to make money double within a few months but there is none to assure the future. But, this golden circle explains an uncommon way of life in the world.

Why you do something?

People fastly answer in their way to point a basic reason. Why I should go to a job? They might say like to earn money. Actually, WHY? is a too powerful question and it represents purpose than what we commonly answer.

WHY should be an infinite answer or something that cannot be fulfilled. We need a proper WHY to complete a circle of life.

For example, Take Steve Jobs and Virat Kohli on strides, the First one takes it as being different and makes people feel different. The latter plays a lot in emotions and beating his own emotion stature than the opposition.

Steve Jobs didn't just want to make money with products, he wants people to feel his products and make them being they are unique in the crowd of having Apple's product. This can be simply convicted of solving the identity crisis which the world ever wants. He provided identity to his customers rather than iPhones hence be able to sell different products.

Hence, WHY is not about the product, money or something measurable. It is a form of Love which is infinite.

How to do?

Thought -> Action

Technically, the research of purpose goes through the past and the experiences we have in our life. We make decisions with past data by processing the logical form of it. The kind of better emotion you have you choose a platform to work on your purpose.

Steve Jobs -> Electronics

Virat Kohli ->Cricket

Sometimes, WHY gets reconfigured into a new one with HOW. For example, A problem becomes the purpose of the solution and Data conversion to information in an execution pans out HOW.

Some people love music, some love helping - defines HOW as action.

Virat Kohli defined his HOW with Fitness


This is the result of Action -> Reaction from the world. If it goes as expected then we call them successful and many get tagged failure in missing it. 

WHAT you get out of HOW should drive inside WHY. 

but everyone around us goes in the reverse order,

For example,

Graduated a Degree -> defines WHAT as JOB

then this JOB sometimes gets explained with a HOW -> so-called Experience in X years.

X years creates a perception of success with WHAT we have and HOW we made them, someone around us will pour his inside story and prove our WHY.

If you feel tough to understand please read capitalized words as object

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