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Creating Poor and Rich - The Future of Employment

Creating Poor and Rich - The Future of Employment
The future of employment is more machine based rather than human based. The obvious reason would be artificial intelligence. Over the decades we have seen several types of man management systems.

For example, the world needs a leader and a follower to make compromises over one another.
Everyone knows that the world runs on demand and supply.

In brief note, we have seen different types of the ruling, a group of people needs a representative and they make decisions to survive. In such a way, we made kings, governments as rulers and decision as law.

To reduce the conflict of human thought and resources, these types are again broken into companies or so-called corporates.

As like communication medium in computer systems, the need for server-client concept become the DNA of the human life cycle. But the problem of being equal power is becoming a phenomenon of survival growth between humans.

Thus every individual becoming leaders now in their own possible way making it hard to control the power over one another.

Hence we invented artificial intelligence, the data lifecycle is slowly capturing an individual model for everyone to make a lifestyle of machine living. In such cases, the upcoming days will be of survival of the fittest.

The Clash between the hierarchy of the decision cycle divides the work culture leading to uncontrollable errors.

The top hierarchy people now have decided to take on artificial intelligence in machines for performance and possibly an employee in a mechanical way.

The basic level of artificial intelligence is data science.

Can be classified as

  • Data science for machines
  • Data science on human

Data science for machines have been growing at Rapid face we have already seen several products have been made out of this, for example, AI cameras in phones, unmanned vehicles, Drones.

Data science on a human is not far away, we have seen Amazon uses it on product sales, Facebook uses it on deciding the news feed, Google collecting data from search engines, Microsoft backing up data in one drive, Major Telecommunication companies use voice recording. even mass surveillance by some countries like in India introducing Aadhar cards.

These are some signs that employment is being reduced that the ruler is deciding to leave the follower alone.

Thus, the ruler becoming more Monopoly rather than a king who loves his people. Working with Machines won't make sense for People.

Loss of Employment would again make rebels out of the tech war zone would follow history.

History Repeats its self

These Technologies would reduce the life cycle of employment, eventually extending the gap between the poor and rich.

However, the need for creative people and the rise of individuality rate would make everyone hero, but the fact remains then who has to lose the game?

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