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Why python more important to data science than other tools

Why python more important to data science than other tools
Programming Languages are just like a movie screenplay, arranged in an order that makes the most sense. Some people just express it with just logical expression in a limited structured syntax.

Now, What is python? why we need this more than other languages?

There are only a few languages which cover the entire computer system and Python is one such.

Python can be used in

  • OS (example ubuntu)
  • Embedded system (Microcopy)
  • Automation
  • Web development (Django, flask frameworks)
  • Web scraping (Beautiful Soup)
  • Application UI (Tkinter)
  • Machine Learning (Scikit Learn)
  • AI (Neural Network)
  • OS testing (PyCon)
  • NLP(Natural Language Processing)
  • Data Analysis (Numpy, Pandas)

With the wide range of libraries and ever growing language where 0's and 1's make a huge contribution, Python can never be neglected.

Since data science is more of making data analysis and getting data into a structured.

Python can be used in

  • Data collection
  • Data cleaning
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Analysis

and also with future of making a predictive and automation of these process can also be done.

Hence, we choose python for data science, do you find any other reason let us know...

Let start the data science in python - coming days...with above mention steps are expressed in the easiest way



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