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Quantum Internet of Things - a possible super security, might break through Artificial Intelligence

Quantum Internet of Things - a possible super security, might break through Artificial Intelligence
Do you know?

In 1969, the Internet was first set up with huge telephonic systems to send messages. But now, it's 2019 we are in the life of internet. How many chatting applications do we use,

Gmail, Ymail, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Google Hangouts - all these work under one common network under the HTTP protocol. Procedures of general communication are mainly based on the server-client concept. It started from 0's and 1's logic medium pan out to for communication.

Towers around the globe made it even further data world. In such a way, we create an Internet of reality.

But, Somewhere do you feel insecure about these communications?

No, Facebook privacy, Google plus data leak.

Data Leaks are becoming a mandate of daily life. What could be the solution to this problem?

Yes, without Server not all these data Top MNC(Multinational Companies) would not exist, interestingly hackers also won't be there.

Scientists call for Back to basics time and followed Quantum physics, arguably most unearthed and underrated as toughness is more based against our current reality towards education.

Quantum Computing and Internet

Quantum Computing too works on 0's and 1's but can be both at a time like identical twins in the real world. Hence this changes the approach of general computation of 2xn combinations into 2 power n combinations, can solve unimaginable problems in double quick time.

Quantum Computers are more physics than computing

Firstly, these computers are not based on transistors. They are based on photons - two identical photons will be under quantum entanglement hence no third party to take part inside to communicate.

Hence job of server-client gets eliminated. Since the photon is a light disturbance will end communication medium hence not data can be theft. Hackers get eliminated.

Quantum Internet - Natural phenomenon and no third party

In 2020, Netherlands are planning for Quantum Internet test, hence future of internet would be safe and secured. In Quantum computing, data sent and receive can be done with data teleportation methods. Some researchers are also planning for a quantum repeater which is similar to existing towers for cellphone communication.

But, data teleportation would be ideal for the secure medium of communication. In mere, future these data could also be replaced by a human.

Human is made of more data than anything in this tech world.

Artificial Intelligence is a dream combo of the Internet of things and Machine learning, invariably these IoT devices are huge under scrutiny as a server-client model enables a third party to use data. Thus, the Real flavor of Artificial Intelligence is not seen also can lead to many problems of damaging human lifestyle.

If Quantum Internet of things ensures data access will make AI take a roller coaster in the data world.

This article is just an overview but encourages people to know more on quantum physics.


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