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Data Science - a rise of standard in making decisions in India

In India, a person doesn't have a procedure to do a work which is inflicting the standard of products they make termed as " Second Grade"

For example, Data in agriculture would educate farmers and even predict their market and also help them do farming efficiently over years. but, the loan waiver has been the solution for years till now.

Every practice gives previous data to make a decision for the next cycle. Since data is helping the world move towards the next things in a better way.

Y? why not? a Data Science change the standard of Indian Grade.

If marks are there for students to judge or predict a students performance, then why not all business get data and evolve better in making the rise in product, service, marketing in rich resource side.

Hence, Our first step toward Data science has just begun,

We are interested in providing Data science basic tutorials and also this website will be used as a group learning to find data and explore the unseen insights in all aspects of the world.

Here is a graph providing information on India's Top 500 richest firm, where they hold mainly data to evolve over the years.

If you are also interested in learning with us please leave a comment...


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