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Artificial Intelligence - A Data Life Cycle

Artificial Intelligence - A Data Life Cycle

In the last few years, Artificial intelligence evolved from a science-fiction dream to an internal part of our lifestyle. we use AI systems to interact with our phones through Siri and Alexa

Cars like Tesla's interpret and analyze their surroundings to intelligently drive themselves 
Amazon monitors our browsing habits and intelligently serves us up products it thinks we'd like to buy.

Even Google decides what kind of search results to give us based on who it thinks we are artificially intelligent algorithms are here but this is only the beginning because in the future AI is gonna change everything but do we want it to well.

"Artificial Intelligence is a way our life works on its own with data provided from IoT(Internet of Things) devices and analytical decision making through Machine Learning over a time to grow over the standard of human intelligence"

Since AI works like a data machine or data human to serve intelligence, data plays a vital role hence IoT.

Internet of Things is raw and new we people forget that we are the Internet of People. Yes, the Internet is a more viable real network that is connecting, transforming people. It is a self-governing human life.

 'Internet - Of the people, By the people, For the people'

But the Internet of Things is different which is actually an extension M2M(Machine to Machine) communication medium.

Making data transfer between devices or even getting physical quantity measurements out of every device to make decisions like a human. 

For example, Temperature of 60-degree Celcius would make human limp more, but to make new actuation of adding water to a boiler when the temperature reaches 60 degress is machine intelligence.

Thus IoT provides data over remote locations to be aware of situations.

IoT makes way for Machine Learning as we collect data over a period and analyze the findings which are the actual job of Data Engineer. But, with the Internet of Things, being wild in numbers and opens a new strategy of Big Data.

Machine Learning is a program which understands and evolves with time on doing its stuff with data provided. Machine Learning can be used in AI but not the vice versa.But ML can be a standalone product on its own to define a useful medium.

Similarly, IoT has its own sector of applications also works with AI.

Big Data analytics introduces major complex decision making hence Machine Learning evolves with Neural Networks with respect to the data and learning from the data out of past, present to decide future.

Artificial Intelligence is a combo of IoT, Machine Learning to perform a task resembling human intelligence.

Typically, Human beings make decisions with data hence AI uses all data objective models for being an artificial human

'AI - Of the Data, By the Data, For the Data'


  1. But I feel that someday this AI is gonna take the upperhand and wish it don't goes into black corridors
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  2. Well written post about the dominance Artificial intelligence will make in coming years. Also the role of big corporate new opportunities for sure will also be created.

    1. Intelligence is a knife-where to use depends on us.eventually AI improves life standard.

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