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A 3D printed biggest Bridge - Future of Building in Reality

A 3D printed biggest Bridge - Future of Building in Reality
Technology makes curious rise and fall with time but this rise and fall help human to evolve around their lifestyle.

Ever since the cartesian systems, built-in 3D space have shown a great sign of its usage over improving accuracy. A 3D printer can be used for DIY methods to high-end sim card or processor making classifies a huge impactful technology transforming the life of every sector.

3D printer revolves around various stages to be here as it started from CNC machines, Engraving Machines, Printers and also few automated robotics systems.

Robotic operations marked up the working of degrees of freedom which makes ideal dilution to the 3D printers.

Future of 3D printing has been predicted to massive growth in various sectors as customization to 3D objects demanding the individual concepts for required purposes.

But, here is a Chinese bridge which has been 3D printed for about 86feet height and 12 feet width in just 18 days. Tsinghua University needed only 450 hours of printing to finish all of their new bridge's concrete components.

The bridge consists of 44 individual 3D-printed concrete units, each of them approximately 3 by 3 by 5 feet. The sides were made with 68 individual concrete slabs moved into place by robot arms.
Embedded with a real-time monitoring system, the bridge will be able to detect vibrating wire stress and strain with high precision. Thus labor less working in construction is made.

The main risk in 3D printing for building in the workspace becoming a massive thing as the place for the printer will occupy certain areas which might even rise cost.

Even NASA stated building houses using 3D printer would be ideal in a time-consuming process.MIT researches also built a house in 14 hours.

With booming, 3D printed technologies are widely found in making a customized to the customers.

3D printers food items are also found in many hotels will be an interesting thing.


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