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What's next for India - Peninsular country has a next big thing

Nothing is great until it is identified
India - a country of an intense population where demand and supply change dramatically, climatic changes over the major part with the silence of diversity.
India is more graph in crafting itself in many ways. With the history providing data of unfortunate numbers in the wealth capacity, but with time, even those numbers show it all belonged to Indians than what they called a "materials".
Is India richer in technology, now many of us have crossed the fingers? 
Don't mind any proof, India is a place for where technology fits best. Even the world's famous Rolls Royce has been used for cleaning roads in India.
Let's come to 2018, with emerging world's number 7 in GDP is not just service, manufacturing and Agriculture.
People in science say " Energy is neither created nor destroyed", but India is having big numbers in consumption of energy over the years.
India's GDP is proportional to Energy Consumption.
With t…