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A Thin Line to touch technology and Nature - will find Humanity - DATA ANALYSIS

This article provides an idea towards how technology can make up with nature to serve betterment to the world, especially in basic human needs.

Technology is a wildfire, in many arguments or even anywhere in the world where a word called        "Development" is mentioned in terms of Science and technologies have undertaken can reflect their standard of life.

Technology plays a major role in three major influences of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of any country around the globe.

In actual, Practise there is only one part in GDP but people made up into three - Manufacturing, Service, and Agriculture.

Manufacturing is the way everything falls under or fall out. Service depends on Manufacturing.

GDP of Agriculture in most countries is low because GDP is a competitive value of sales. Large Population countries contribution of Agriculture is very dimmed due to their own consumption, eventually resulting in lower export rate.

Global manufacturing market is decided by the usage of  te…