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Structure Core - a sensor for future

This article gives an insight into human changes over vision and their growth over technology makes big statements in building one's individual life.

Education and its evolution have a big graph on human life. In certain levels, structured education can be found from 3rd or 4th millennium BC. What education means is sharing an experience or making someone aware of something before experiencing in the other's life.
Education in the earlier days is more related to creating a perception. With time lag and individuality featured to find a huge amount of difference between one occurrence and another, People started asking for proof.
Proof - an evidence of an event 
With the proof of patterns makes way for data science, the percentage game starts here.
A proof having higher percentages making more valid perceptions in the brain as we started reading more deeply into life situations.
These deep situations create our own reality - a way to live in this world.
The structure formations…