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How to scrape a website with and without programming easily

This article explains the ways to scrap a website and collect data to analyze.

Data for a website is a crucial factor because it becomes the market strategy in major issues and solves a huge amount of problems by simple mathematics procedure.

Generally, web scraping is called as a method of creating own API(application program interface).

Live stocks, Live score are the primary examples where analysis plays a vital role in making out decisions for the future.

Is web scraping new?

Definitely not, web scraping has been there for years but since the boon towards data analysis, scraping of data becomes a featured one.

Where it get started, actually it is part of Unix Os structure, in Windows operating system every one might get know about DLL files, what do these files give?  featured data access between different application.

These DLL files were later replaced by API's which many companies work on between them. In general, most websites don't have the API feature. API is not an…