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The US fears for 5G from China

This article provides an insight into 5G and how America facing heat over this.

Huawei - A Chinese firm which works on embedded and internet of systems. All kinds of smart computational devices are largely manufactured by them.

Now, this firm is in the pride of introducing 5G network to the world via ZTE  networks which have been made patent in 2012. But, the US Government officially banned this system due to the reason of security issues.

In the actual side of this, 2G,3G,4G are only used on the same layer of communication but gathering user data has been enhanced over the years. Hence, 5G is no new to the business model of data acquirement.

Back in October, US politicians made a statement to Canda Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the country's idea of moving towards 5G technology which would lead to a security issue. The US has spoken to major countries in regard to the cybersecurity risks as Huawei-made components use nothing new to US old network systems but using their co…