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Researcher finds a break through in Gold's fundamental property

For a huge number of years, celebrated researchers and chemists endeavoured to figure out how to transform regular metals into gold. While this turned out to be an unpleasant interest, another disclosure declared by a group from Chalmers University in Sweden has figured out a strange property of gold itself.

In the wake of putting a little bit of gold in an electron magnifying instrument, analyst Ludvig de Knoop increase the amplification to the most extreme and expanded the electric field well ordered to perceive what might happen to the gold's molecules. Surprisingly, he has seen that the surface layers of gold had really dissolved at room temperature.

"I was extremely paralyzed by the revelation. This is an uncommon marvel, and it gives us new, fundamental learning of gold," De Knoop said.

Distributing his discoveries in Physical Review Materials alongside his college partners and Finnish theoretician Mikael Juhani Kuisma, De Knoop clarified that the dissolving happe…