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Brexit - A wake up call to Humanity

Brexit - Britain's exit from the European Union.

European Union?

Union - a structure with regulation and rules for an easy lifestyle which would be acceptable for a major population.

European countries which are formed a group where political and economic policies are implemented under a Union in 1993.

This Union favours citizenship and business model rights to the people of 28 countries, merged under them. People at first needs this kind of system for the welfare of sharing the workload. For example, a group of people from rural areas can come and work in urban cities with lower wages and also benefit of more workforce can be taken into order.

With the increase of new technologies and lifestyle changes in the rapid phase, the more employees are in demand. As people of so-called urban communities becoming less featured in economic growth, many businesses are bound to avoid them which eventually lead to poverty. This Economic structure is mainly based on the survival of the fittest…