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Google - A Corporate Criminal

You've all observed the well known moment the answer highlighted on Google. seeking an extremely convenient answer which is definitely Google duplicate from Duck Duck Go.

Are you kidding?

On the off chance that you haven't met Duck Duck Go web crawler that doesn't track you. This is being the promoting methodology for Duck Duck Go ever since its inception in 2008. It is being effective enough in making Google feel something secure. The Google search giant would even engage in anti-competitive trade blockade to make sure switching to Duck Duck Go. It is difficult for the new user as possible.


What’s the difference between Duck Duck Go and Google?
What does it mean when a search engine is private?
What can you gain from switching to Duck Duck Go?

The Propaganda Engine: 
Search engines are your second gatekeepers to the internet right after internet service providers. That's especially true for Google which enjoys 70-90% market share across the globe. If Go…