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How BJP converted Congress' ACE card into ASS card - a Political Game on Rafale Deal

People of India are not just meant for facts but also made fun out of everyone with several circumstances.

If Politics is a game, then Congress' have more experience to ruin anyone. But, to make someone fail on their own backyard is something more special.

Here comes such a thing...

Claiming the right flaw against an opposition and building an empire is all that old political warrior style. But, without any proof raising a question which on self-have no spoil side is a comedian fallacy. Ironically, Rahul Gandhi, Who, in the rush to demonstrate his courage as a full-time lawmaker, has utilized everything aside from motivation to assault the decision agreement yet with little achievement against a solid political influencing party BJP.

With just months away from 2019 where election schema will be playing under, Congress faces a genuine existential reality combat, understanding that its solitary weapon is to create a false on Modi and his perfect picture on non-corrupt or something …