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Google - A Huge marketer stopping other small marketing - PIXEL 3 Android feature

Google PIXEL 3 - a modern Android phone but with more limited improvements from the previous variant.

But PIXEL 3 introduces a new or different feature in the basic functionality.

Voice call marketing has been art in its own way for many telecommunication companies to revolve their offers, customer care features, and even some emergency messages.

With E-Sim on the way, as future is turning towards USSD code based applications which obviously make more gesture and the voice-based applications will be on board.

Now, Google's PIXEL 3 will be monitoring the spam or actual callers through Google Assistant and making the calls avoid from users hindsight.

Here are the feature's snaps from PIXEL 3 launch

Not all things get spilled before Google's occasion today. One shock declaration that wowed was Call Screen, another element that lets the Google Assistant answer your approaching calls and ask what the guest needs. A continuous transcript will show up on your screen, enabling you…