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Google's Big buck, sucks google plus...yet another privacy scandal...

Data is a huge thing, not just in accessing human but also in marketing. Privacy is just more than what people need in this hour.

Most popular tech giants are in the range of security misuse.

Facebook's Cambridge analytica before, Windows update deleting files previous week and Google plus now. Are these tech giants are losing its power over security?

 It is a bug which is actually not a great social media as started in 2011 but Alphabet had split its purpose and imposed several values to it 2015.

Google plus has an impeccable bug which provides every user data from android and chrome devices to the 3rd party developer.

Now, Google plus is on the verge of dismantling but it was found in March 2018 yet not disclosed by Google. This eventually caused a reduction in user base and also reducing the share values by 2% on Alphabet's share.

Google did not initially disclose a Google+ security bug when it first discovered it this spring because it feared regulatory scrutiny and reput…