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Showing posts from October 6, 2018

Don't update your Windows 10 for upcoming 5 days...Results are here

As far as Windows 10, updates are more hilarious to ponder on than just to compile more features.

Windows is more based on 3rd party software rather than their creations. Their update channels have drivers and bios updates even OS updates are not streamlined to perfect fixes.

Hence large data consumption is happening every time.

But here comes a new ferry stuff...

The latest update of october...2018...will is featured to delete your personal documents for free up space which is actually be enforced from Tuesday.

These deleted files cannot be recovered as it is not creating any restoring point or even any registry changes.
step: 1

step: 2

search SERVICES.MSC and scroll to the bottom please find windows update to make sure it is disabled.

Please check this everytime you log in as it might auto restart after a scheduler enables it.

There is new update timed as of now, that these updates has been stopped. There is no worry of an update as of now.

US vs China - Embedded code vs Embedded chips

This article provides information on globalization impact and how China becomes ruthless powered incoming age.

Spy adds more spicy moments to every event of the war front.

The battle is just to hold a fort of their own in the economic world. As the US up their tempo on making dollars sounding big on their value by raising taxes in the global market and also introducing EMV cards which are the huge impact in the future.

EMV debit/credit cards are primarily introduced to the fate raising the online transactions. EMV - Europay Mastero Visa card is an embedded chip-based system which works on a dynamic data encryption making more server-based online money transaction than client-based as off now.

Also, previous debit/credit cards have static data encrypted with the dynamic script as a security layer but with EMV, client-server sync adds values to security and also more programmable with respect to the client system.

These systems enable a futuristic world of transactions as embedding EMV…