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Humanoid Labours are not future...its present - Japan proves its power

A country will have a brain depend on the demand and supply which are later circles down to just the ' NEED OF THE HOUR'

Some people might have an idea over why technology is growing rapid than humanity...

Reason - Humanity doesn't do job but technology does... This will never prove technology over humanity.Value of both differs in stages of human life.

Japan is one of the finest countries which found perfect sync between the both.
They have been lost a lot of ground as a country with loads of struggle but humanity steps up and bound to rise their power over technology that helps just to do their work done.

Why Japan choose technology ?

Simply because of the population counting 12.7 crores (2016) having greater accountability of their values and to match demand and supply with respect to time they opt for technology.

But what's special about this ?

As a country with lower labor force but features to build many futuristic things.Japan have a wide history over robotics …