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How Microsoft reached ROS(Robot Operating System)

ROS - Robotic Operating System

Why it is much more featured than other automation styles - basic answer is it uses the geometic tracking of positions in multi dimensional space.

Core of ROS

Communication - a major need of any automation as feedback to respond Recording and logging - database maintenanceScheduling - time based sequenced operationsRobot Geometric Library - transform mapsDiagnostics - feature that much to ponder towards ROSProtocols - visualization, Localization, NavigationTool set - predefined tools for accessible structure and process maintenance Most Popular Integration with ROS

GAZEBO - a simulator which most companies prefers as a common trait to play with other brands Open CV - a computer camera library providing image processing and AI with cameraPoint cloud library - this is a big one, as it helps determining the data of a particular point in 3-D space and process information based on that.Move It - a library for finding obstacle of your desired path in moving a p…