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...My Books are filled with Edison and Einstein but my heart searches for Tesla...

The world is full of Crazy Engineers now, Some people proved it wrong as they are the real artist of Science World. Lets, find one of them here.
Nicholas Tesla was a man with big ideas by the time of his death he had three hundred patent to his name. The problem with Tesla is that he was way ahead of his time and while many of his ideas work in theory they never practically panned out with us said to test that wasn't amazing inventor who gave the world to some amazing inventions and was a pioneer in many fields rather than looking at some of Tesla’s more theoretical inventions in this topic we're looking at the best Tesla’s inventions they would design constructed and tested. 

Tesla coil

The Tesla coil was invented in 1891 and it uses two coils a primary and a secondary each coil has its own capacitor which is something that stores energy like a battery. The coils are connected to a spark gap which is just open now where the spot can generate the result is that the Tesla coil …