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Hi everyone first of you all knows the story of Isaac Newton.... he was sitting under a tree and an apple fell on his head. After that, he immediately discovers the law of universal gravitation. 

But this places on earth where this actually doesn't work in today's topic. we can tell you about the five mysterious places on our planet with absolutely no gravity. Ready to learn something new and let's get it on.
Santa Cruz (California):  Mysterious place in Santa Cruz. This mysterious place was discovered by the inventor named George Prather in 1939. one day during the walk the man suddenly felt dizzy and noticed that the arrow of his compass which he took with him began to rotate without stopping at a tremendous rate the scientist was very interested in this mysterious terrain and its surrounded by land with a compass was making such tricks after some time he built a house in this area and began to visit and see what miracles were happening. 

And then the mad old building Immedi…