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Top 5 Programming Languages to learn 2k18

Hey there everyone I’m gonna talk about top five programming language that you should really look forward to learning in 2018. Now before you move ahead on this topic I will also mention that you can implement those programming languages this entire list is made on based on four criteria’s  the trend on the stack overflow the trend on freelancer websites the trend in the job market it MNCs and the trend in the job market at startup so really the four essential things that we're going to talk about. Let’s get started.

Just onto a side note here it doesn't really mean that a language is at a fifth position that means it's about language and languages at post position that means it's the best language these are just the positions that I have figured it out. This doesn't mean it has to be true you can completely disagree with that. so hear me out on this list at number five I'm putting C# here now the reason putting up the C# here was not at all the dot net fram…

Software technologies are also similar to Movies!!!

This article gives a view of software technologies growth with respect to a Computer system. Life is an experience hence all are not full of creativity but at times the world feels something missing. So, for that instance of survival people opt to new choices of life. Interestingly, it paved way for the new iteration of many copycat moments. Easy to find in movies but difficult to understand in technologies as it doesn't have big historical data on it process of the life cycle. Most of the featured products in certain decades came to power after a long debacle to establish its own market's peak period. Certainty plays its power over this is always explained as a breakthrough. Reviewers of Movies would definitely hit hard at a script than what these technologies meant to us is pretty much a similar kind but with a low number of reviews and also big cooperation between them will hide all these copycat as technologies are seen as evergreen which is actually painted at every insta…