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How to make boroscope camera easily

How to make a borewell scanning camera with simple methods 

You can expect typical and common ideas over borewell scanning with simplest possible solutions at cheap cost Borewell is generally an alien problem coming at difficult times.Here is an solution to view what's inside that long well.Sorry for customization i hereby tested it only for 105 meters (300 feet).This can be extended also in coming future. This project is a idea breaker more than a technical sounds.There are two ways of doing it easily.
1.Using Raspberry Pi
2.Mobile phone Method 1:
If you are in need of designing a full featured product by this,then obvious choice could be raspberry pi 3
Pi3 with Camera costs around Rs.5600 with OS raspbian on 8gb memory card
This project is highly depend on LAN cable nothing but RJ45...CAT6 (105meters) costs about Rs.950
As in previous article follow the instructions for installing raspbian OS with enabling VNC server.
Connect router to Rpi via LAN cable.Router costs from Rs.600 - …