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How to get free web hosting for life time

This article is all about how to make a low-cost website as just pay for the domain.

Components of a website:

A domain name (identity of your site mostly .com,.net etc). It is like a name of a buildingWeb hosting, this like the real building that will be tied up to the domain name.Web hosting is the place where all the contents of your website will be available (HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP and more)For buying a domain you could choose many kinds of stuff like,, googledomains.comThese sites sell domains at cost of rs.600-900 or even 1k-5kThis will be the only cost for you to spend on building the whole site. Web Hosting: 
There are many ways to approach this, free web hosting will be a nightmare to many people because the cost of web hosting is much higher compared to a domain registration.To eliminate this, here by an OFFER for students to get free web app services which are provided for the lifetime by MICROSOFT AZURE.You can Imagine Cup student approval with your…